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About SandSledge

Sand Sledge Business Services (SSBS) is a business services Training and Consultancy Company created in 2003. The company was formed with the objective of/to providing a variety of business services such as entrepreneurial development and training, business management, financial and accounting services and general business consultancy to Botswana. Established in 2003 Sand Sledge Business Services is a value driven firm whose main emphasis is to add value to industry by up-skilling entrepreneurs and enhancing entrepreneurial development in the country, producing entrepreneurs who will ensure integrity, excellence and long term sustainability. The Company is a ‘Botswana-grown’ firm which brings together, as its regular staff, a core team of highly qualified and widely experienced consultants who have previously served in successful institutions and management training in Botswana .For international exposure, the company relies on the services of high calibre free-lance associate consultants in areas where the expertise amongst its regular staff is not readily available. It is the Company’s policy that all those who serve as its staff, or provide their services on a free-lance associate consultant basis, are appropriately qualified.

Sand Sledge Business Services operates as an ongoing concern dealing with the provision of business consultancy and vocational education and training services within Botswana. This is a unique business venture, which has two integrated components:

  • Training
    1. Provision of vocational training services in Finance, Entrepreneurship Development and Trainer Development (Training of Trainers, Assessors and Moderators)
    2. Training in Leadership Development in general and Educational Leadership and Management in particular.
  • Consultancy
    1. Consultancy in Business Strategy, Corporate Finance and Accounting Services
    2. General Business consultancy and mentoring.

The venture operates in an industry with an influx of new consultancy ventures that are providing similar services. Our customers will however be able to get reliable and predictable products and services through sustained competitive advantages. These are espoused in the strategic foundations of the firm (see our company brochure for the full range of services we offer). This Quality System relates to the full range of company services/activities.

Corporate Philosophy

Management of SSBS has come up with the following philosophy to manage and guide SSBS in its day-to-day operations:

Mission Statement

To provide quality services in business consulting and training in Leadership, Educational Leadership and Management, Business Management, Training of Trainers, Assessors, Moderators and Soft Skills..

Vision Statement

To become a leading training consultancy and academy in Botswana, Southern Africa and Africa as a whole by the year 2022.

Corporate Values

  1. Service Excellence
  2. Professional Integrity
  3. Innovative and
  4. Caring
Training Needs Assessment

Trainer Development

Leadership and Management Skill Development

Business and Commerce Development

Soft Skills and Workplace Essentials