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  • IInventory Management

  • It is evident from stockpiles that are often auctioned that some organizations purchase and store items without using them within the expected period and therefore stock becoming redundant

    The course provides an opportunity for the participants to gain skills and competencies in inventory and inventory management systems in Botswana as well as align corporate inventory management systems to best practices.

    Inventory management is a crucial section of any business’ success. Optimizing the flow of products and services as they are planned, sourced, made, delivered, and returned can give your business an extra competitive edge. The concept is decisive in the progress or stagnation of business in any organization.

    Monitoring the availability of stock is an important aspect of any organization. Inventory management training will equip participants with skills and competencies to effectively monitor and evaluate the availability of stock required by the organization.


  • The management of the Supply Chain systems has become the fast growing business area in the world. Fast growing organisations in Botswana require to heavily invest in Supply Chain Management (SCM) in order to be more competitive. A large number of organisations have had personnel in the supply chain system but having limited competencies to effectively undertake the responsibilities of these positions. Some of these organisations include government and the private sector.
    The Ministry of Finance and Development Planning is the overseer of Supply Chain activities for the government. The need for skills development is evident as the ministry through Government Procurement Office has established the training unit which coordinates skills development programmes for improvement of basic, operational and management levels. It is imperative for organisation to have personnel who are appreciative of the supply chain and can effective implement the process for the sustainability of the organisation.
    The challenges faced by SCM practitioners in Botswana can be addressed by ongoing short term courses aimed at providing skills and competencies required by both employees and the organisation. This short course provides information on how to use innovative ways to manage SCM systems in Botswana for profitability.

  • Purchasing and Procurement Basics

  • This two-day workshop will help you teach participants how to:
    o Describe what a supply chain is
    o Describe their procurement department’s role within the organization
    o Understand the principles of the purchasing cycle
    o Apply the steps needed for managing a competitive bid process, from the request for proposals or qualifications through to negotiating the contract
    o Identify what it takes to set up a competitive bid for a contract
    o Defend their position on why a particular supplier should be selected based on an evaluation strategy
    o Be responsible for managing supplier performance, including controlling quality and setting and monitoring standards
    o Apply the tools of the procurement trade, from PC-based applications to cloud-based solutions

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