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  • Educational Leadership & Management.

  • Educational Leadership & Management

  • Human Resource Management for Non- HR Managers

  • For Non HR Managers to perform HR Tasks...

  • Supervisory Skill Development Program

  • For first line supervisorsjgyj

  • Team Leadership

  • Learning outcomes
    By the end of the training learners should:
    1. Understand what makes up a team.
    2. Who the members of their team are.
    3. Elements that make a good team
    4. Factors that destroy a teams capability to work properly
    5. Communication between team members
    6. Dealing with conflicts in a team
    7. Developing trust between members of a team
    8. Setting goals as a team
    9. How to make decisions as a team
    10. The importance of Corporation

  • Finance For Non Finance Managers

  • The ability to understand and interpret financial statements is an essential tool for business managers. Financial statements indicate the financial health of the company and can be used for strategic decision making..

    At the end of this training learners will be able to:
    o Talk the language of accounting and finance
    o Interpret Financial statements
    o Calculate and interpret financial ratios
    o Make financing decisions
    o Make investing decisions
    o Understand capital budgeting
    o Understand the cash flow and working capital cycle

  • Supervisory Skills Training

  • Supervisory Skills Training

  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Team Building

  • Learning of building a relationship among a team and an organisation.

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