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  • The Botswana Quality Authority (BQA) strived for quality training, assessment and moderation expertise and encourages training companies/institutions/organizations to build capacity in the pool of trainers, assessors and moderators in Botswana. Though moderation and assessment are mutually inclusive in moderation procedures there is need for a review of assessment tools .This program will assist trainers/assessors who will ultimately be moderators themselves appreciate that moderation helps the as assessors to increase the dependability of the assessment information they gather. This improves the decisions they make about student learning/training they are involved in. When assessment is moderated, it impacts positively on the teaching/training and encourage quality work and what criteria defines that type of work. When good decisions are made concerning the type of assessment to be implemented, teachers/trainers can develop self-reviews skills and attain professional development.
    A trainer/assessor is an essential member in an institution since he/she has the responsibility for quality assurance in relation to the assessment process. This means that the trainer/assessor will:
    • Make sure that candidates are assessed in a consistent and well-designed manner.
    • Make sure that assessments are carried out fairly.
    • Handle appeals by dissatisfied candidates.

Start Time: 08:00:00 Day End TIme 16:30:00
Tea Break Starts at: 10:30:00 Tea Break Ends at: 11:00:00
Lunch Starts at: 13:00:00 Lunch End: 14:00:00
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Sand Sledge Business Services is a 100% citizen owned company that was established on the 3rd of December 2003. The company commenced its operations in early 2004..

If you are part-time or temporary lecturer at a technical collage without a formal qualification in education, we at Sand Sledge can help you to acquire one through our Certificate in vocational education and training (TOT and Assessor). Our courses are Botswana Qualifications Authority(BQA) accreditted

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